Web Based Application

Web-based application development provides you with the opportunity to save both time and money and most importantly it provides you with an improved way of interacting with clients, suppliers and business partners. With other 10 years experience, Strategies specialize in the development of both standalone office applications or web-based applications designed to increase the functionality of your existing website.

The Internet has changed the way we communicate and carry out business. The internet is used to both disseminate information but to manage web-based applications that are the tools of our every day business life.

A web-based application might be an interactive website, intranet, extranet, a content management system, or a tool for managing personnel. Increasingly, software applications have browser-based interfaces and the art of web application design is progressing rapidly.

Please find below a list of typical web-based applications that Strategies has previously developed for clients:

  • Ecommerce shopping cart setup, installation, and customization
  • Web site statistics software
  • Dynamic Creation of images and graphs
  • SMS messaging integration
  • Online product database development
  • Ecommerce application development
  • Customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Online data collection, analysis and reporting
  • Online customer support software
  • Web content management software
  • Secure client areas
  • Secure areas to allow collaboration with business partners
  • Online quote generation software
  • Online ordering and stock control systems

We can help with the development of many, varied web-based applications – please contact us to discover more.